Dental Bridges

Resin Bonded Bridges

This type of treatment require no/very little preparation of teeth and although it is not suitable in all cases could be a very good option to replace 1 missing tooth in the anterior area.  The bridge consists of a false porcelain tooth with a metal wing. The metal wing is bonded onto the tooth adjacent to the space with an adhesive dental cement. These type of bridges last up to 7 years if bonded on sound tooth structure.



Conventional Bridges

These involve preparation ( reducing the size ) of the abutment teeth and the bridge would be conventionally cemented on in place. They can be made in metal-ceramic or all ceramic and  they can replace 1 or more teeth.


  • Aesthetic
  • Long term (10-15yrs)
  • Suitable for larger spaces and at the back of the mouth


  • Teeth need to be prepared
  • Need suitable teeth to use as abutments
  • Friendly and caring environment
  • Same day emergency appointments
  • Painless and peaceful treatment
  • Guarantee provided on our dental work
  • Spread the cost of your investment


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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

We are very happy to re-open our practice for bookings from the 8th or June.

Patients with emergencies will be prioritised and we will be operating a closed door policy for the time being.

No patients will be allowed access inside the clinic without a booked appointment.

This will allow us to pre-screen , assess and prioritise patients thoroughly before they attend the clinic in order to maintain a safe environment for both patients and staff members.

Please give us a call on 02083511005  and we are happy to assist you with any query.


 House of Smiles COVID-19 Risk Assessment

House of Smiles COVID-19 Return To Care Policy