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Cosmetic Dentistry

At House of Smiles we provide  all the latest cosmetic solutions for smile improvements.

Our highly experienced team of dentists have undertaken  post-graduate training programmes  and courses in the UK and abroad that will enable them to provide patients with the best possible standard of execution of dental treatments and natural looking smiles.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Routine dentistry

We place great emphasis at House of Smiles on the importance of regular dental visits  dependant on how healthy your teeth and gums really are .

At you new patient consultation and later at every routine recall, your dentist will conduct a risk assessment depending on how susceptible you are to oral cancer, dental caries and gum disease and based on that you will be advised a recall interval .

Routine Dentistry



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Porcelain Dental Veneer

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Dental Sedation

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Six Month Smiles


For more information on Teeth Whitening at House of Smiles please contact us.

Teeth Whitening

Denture Treatment

For more information on House of Smiles Denture treatments please contact us.


Resin Bonded Bridges

This type of treatment require no/very little preparation of teeth and although it is not suitable in all cases could be a very good option to replace 1 missing tooth in the anterior area.  The bridge consists of a false porcelain tooth with a metal wing. The metal wing is bonded onto the tooth adjacent to the space with an adhesive dental cement. These type of bridges last up to 7 years if bonded on sound tooth structure.


  • No drilling or anaesthetic
  • Aesthetic
  • Short treatment time
  • Cost effective
  • Good provisional before or during implant treatment


  • Metal wing can cause some tooth discolouration over time
  • Shorter lifespan than conventional bridges and implants
  • Case specific – suitable more at the front of the mouth

Dental Bridges

  • Friendly and caring environment
  • Painless and peaceful treatment
  • Sedation for nervous patients
  • Guarantee provided on our dental work
  • Spread the cost of your investment


Call, email, or come by and see us. We’re always here smiling!

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