Dental Implants


What is an implant?

Implants are a successful and reliable option for replacing missing teeth.
A dental implant is an artificial replacement for a tooth root made of titanium. After the placement the implants are integrated within the bone on an average of 3-6 months and create a stable platform for a crown, bridge or denture.
The restoration of choice is usually fitted onto the implant by an internal screw or can be cemented.

Am I a suitable patient?

Dental implants are suitable for patient with a good general and oral health. They can only be placed once the jawbone had stopped growing (i.e. mid-late twenties and older). Excessive alcohol use and smoking are associated with higher failure rates. Also poorly controlled diabetes, bone disorders and gum disease can affect success rates/suitability. We discuss all concerns with you and only undertake treatment if a good outcome is expected.


Planning for implant treatment

Prior to dental implant treatment the mouth needs to be free of any dental disease and any restorative or curative treatment must be completed before the placement of implants.
Planning for implant treatment includes a full clinical examination including x-rays and possible models of your teeth and jaws. We might also suggest a CT scan in order to determine the bone quality as well as the proximity to other anatomical structures such as blood vessels and sinuses. The preliminary records enable us to determine the exact position of the implant and plan the treatment. The full written treatment plan will be provided and discussed with the patient in detail together with the risks and benefit of the procedure and all the other alternative treatment options. Fees will be explained and payment options and a plan with the payment stages will be agreed. 12 months 0% Finance plans * subject to terms and conditions can be accessed to help you spread the cost of your investment.

Duration of treatment

Duration of the treatment can depend on a case to case basis from 6 weeks to 6 months
How long do implants last? Generally implants are 95% successful. Failure can occur most commonly in smokers, patients with previous gum disease, poor oral hygiene and complex medical histories. After initial successful integration the success long term is dependent on day-to-day maintenance. We recommend diligent cleaning with twice daily brushing, antibacterial mouthwash and interdental cleaning. Regular hygienist visits will also prevent any inflammation around the implants.


Dental implants can last as long as a natural tooth if well looked after. The restorations on top of implants (crowns/bridges/dentures) may require reparative work over time.
If poorly maintained dental implants can suffer from a disease similar to gum disease that is very difficult to manage and might lead to implant failure. Most commonly this can happen if patient smokes or if patient does not comply with the aftercare maintenance and oral hygiene advice given .

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